One Minute Paper

My one minute paper focuses on the video topic: Ethics - illegal/unethical.

Dr Suzanne Kane discussed the fine line between illegal and unethical aspects of ethics within the topic. I learnt the important meaning of illegal activity differently from an ethical activity, i.e. illegal activities been actions that are in a position to the law and unethical activities been actions that in opposition to a moral code. I also appreciate the examples provided within this topic.

This surprising point was the example the police investigation that resulted in the sentence against Paul McLoughlin, a Salford University student for the motivation for the scam which is to gain access to free gaming facilities and to enable the originators to boost his online gaming scores.

The questions that remained uppermost in my mind are:

  • How careful am I with my data and information?

  • How much can I trust organisations with how they use my personal information and data that they hold with them?

As clearly outlined in the topic, many concerns around the protection of personal data relates to identity fraud. When my data is out there, I don’t feel entirely in control of what happens to my data.

Lastly, I find the ethics canvas quite interesting as a way to clearly articulate the importance of ethical conduct, as it relates to how we conduct business as information systems professionals. I would learn more about real-life applications of the ethics canvas.

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