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About Me

I am passionate about education, leveraging on digital technology solutions. Currently, I am leading the service design, user research testing and iterative delivery of cloud products and process automation, whilst driving enterprise agile adoption within digital technology, education and coaching industry.

Technology entrepreneur: Founded WayMaker Digital ( to meet the increasing demand for digital technology skills in the marketplace, technology consulting, digital skills development programs, and apprenticeship careers.

Coach & Mentor: I train, coach and mentor through virtual classes, online courses and one to one mentoring; whether it is working with individual or coaching a team. My approach involves empathy, practicality and sustainability of practice.


Please reach out for opportunities in elearning, instructional design, speaking engagements, startup advisory and strategy consulting.

Open to discussions, without an obligation.

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Thank you for coming!

Welcome to my site. This has been a long time coming and I am excited that I am finally able to dedicate some effort to kick this off. I am commited to maintain this digital space to share, connect and update you about my work, experiences, products and thoughts. Once again, thank you for visiting and I look forward to see you again.

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Agile Coaching & Lean Adoption

Product Management, Service Design & User Experience Research

Conference Speaker, Virtual Trainer & Online course production

Cloud Technologies: Azure, AWS & GCP

ERP Systems: SAP, Oracle, Dynamics & Salesforce

Business Analysis, Process Engineering & Robotic Automation